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US President Playing Cards (Red) Playing Cards New Deck

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You are looking to buy 1 new deck of US President Playing Cards (Red) Playing Cards. The US Presidents deck has been in production for many months. Each card has been hand drawn to feature the most intricate details. This deck features all 44 presidents and 4 popular first ladies as queens. Although there is debate over which presidents should have been on the court cards, research has been done before making the choices. They were chosen based on popularity and the president's influence on our nation's history. The remaining presidents are uniquely featured on the number cards. The US President Deck was not only designed to appeal to the card collector audience, but also as a fully playable deck of cards. It will be hard not to reflect on our great nation's history and the accomplishments of our past leaders while playing with these cards. Features: Printed by the United States Playing Card Company Bicycle branded Bicycle (Air-Cushion) finish All cards hand drawn Custom deck seals on each version Joker reveal Double back gaff card

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