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Van Gogh Zinnias (Numbered- Seal) Playing Cards

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Artistic Background "VASE WITH ZINNIAS AND GERANIUMS" was created in 1886 and is held in the Craig Art Museum in Washington, D.C., USA. At the age of 32, Vincent Van Gogh embarked on a new endeavor, using a modern artistic approach to depict this beautiful post-Impressionist still life oil painting. Exquisite Design The design is centered around "VASE WITH ZINNIAS AND GERANIUMS", featuring rich, warm orange flowers filling a rounded vase resembling a basin, radiating brilliance and vitality. In comparison to the original artwork's somber ochre tones, the color palette of the cards has been brightened. Delicate, pale yellow hues complement the vibrant and colorful flowers, imparting a sense of lively springtime energy to the players.

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