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Kete Moon Playing Cards Deck: Special Ed. (Limited)

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Kete Moon, the self-titled debut deck, sold out rather quickly back in 2015. Now it’s back, it’s limited, and it’s gorgeous than ever – The first sequel that includes gold stamping! Moreover, the highly refinement of the box provides not only “better image” but also “greater image”.

Kete Moon has printed with a 360° artwork. Gather multiple decks and organise them in order, you will find the symbolic artwork in whole ─ “Sprinting Wolf and Blood Moon”. Both of them look wilder than the previous design. Normally, compare to regular printing, gold stamping has its limit and therefore is hard to paint on the fold line of the box. However, we did a fine job, and we also took some time to refine the combination of gold stamping and paper embossing.

Put one on your hand to feel the beautiful texture by yourself! This special edition uses a color changing mechanism that are not common in the market. Do you notice the difference? The coloring of this special edition is different to the previous one, too. What’s more, the deck includes a special silver-back Joker for prediction magic. The deck also includes 55 playing cards, three of which are Joker, in case you need to play some casual poker game.

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