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Hyakki Yagyo (Mystic) Playing Cards by Bloom Playing Cards

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Hyakki Yagyo Playing Cards MYSTIC Edition (Marked version) by Bloom. The MYSTIC Edition represents the marked iteration of the Hyakki Yagyo Playing Cards, featuring our proprietary marking system. This unique system enables swift identification of each card without the need to view its face, facilitating seamless game-play. Additionally, the line art adorning the cards vividly narrates the tale of the Hyakki Yagyo. Printed by Room One Cards. Feature: Embossed tuck box, tuck box inner graphics, foil tuck box, Eextra SHOJI tuck box, Room One Collection system, fully customized design, fully marked, puzzle cards, transformation cards, animation cards Stock: SLEIGHT (270g paper) Finish: VELVETY Room One Collection

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