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Barajas Magicas Serie Dorso Azul (Spanish Only / Blue Back)

Barajas Magicas Serie Dorso Azul (Spanish Only / Blue Back)

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Limited Edition! 

Finally, the decks that you have been waiting for so long! 
And not one, but THREE BARAJAS 

Fantastic Fournier 505 decks with the cartoons of the most important illusionists in history, in full color (well, perhaps the orange fuchsia is missing), drawn by Idígoras, which has finished wizards to the crown. The decks have the asymmetrical back, as it should be, and even a double back card for you to invent the most magical games in history ...

If you are a collector, you cannot miss them; if you are not, yes, but think about the games you could do with the help of Houdini, Malini, Cardini, Colombini, Slydini and many others that do not end in ... ini ..., such as Tamariz, Vernon, Copperfield, Max Maven, Lennart Green, Fu-Manchu, Lafayette, Hofzinser, Siegfried & Royé 

Because these magic decks are also prepared for you to make fun forges, predictions, paintings ... and all the games you can think of, with your favorite magicians ! 

There is only one game that you can't do in the company of so many magicians: loners!

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