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Van Gogh Asters & Phlox (Numbered- Seal) Playing Cards

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Famous Painting Theme "Vase with Chinese Asters and Gladioli" was created in 1886, during Van Gogh's time in Paris. The overall tone of the painting is warm, with bright and saturated hues of red and pink, depicting lively and vibrant flowers. The playing cards are designed with this oil painting as the visual theme, with abundant and colorful floral patterns covering the entire deck, showcasing intense and sophisticated colors. Artistic Appreciation The card box features a pure white background, with the primary color being pink derived from the original painting, adorned with yellow flower centers, and the elegant and delicate English font for the flower names. The overall atmosphere is vivid and cheerful, with the sweet pink tones balancing the exuberance of the flowers, allowing players to immediately perceive the artistic sensibility and elegance from Van Gogh's original artwork.

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