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Van Gogh Flowers Rococo (Numbered Seal-Borderless) Playing Cards

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Artistic Background "Flowers in a Rococo Vase" was created in 1876, a highly representative work of post-Impressionist still life painting, currently held by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., USA. The author, French painter Cezanne, communicates artistic insights across time and space through playing cards. Cezanne is revered as the "father of modern art," and his works and ideas have influenced many artists and cultural movements in the field of aesthetics in the 20th century. Exquisite Design The design is centered around "Flowers in a Rococo Vase", featuring clusters of cymbidium orchids, irises, daisies, and large peonies flourishing with wild abandon. Flower branches extending outward resemble playful butterflies, exuding both elegance and adorable charm. The predominant soft blue color derived from the painting creates a sense of depth with its interplay of light and dark, exuding an overall elegant and magnificent style. The warm and romantic creamy texture of the color palette emanates a beauty that is both comfortable and non-aggressive. Compared to other versions, the card faces have been redrawn, with 12 court cards copied from Cezanne's famous paintings; the two Jokers feature portraits of Cezanne himself; the Ace of Spades is a reinterpretation of the theme painting; and the decorative elements such as pips and indices are also derived from Cezanne's oil paintings.

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