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The Fellowship of the Ring Playing Cards by Kings Wild

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Kings Wild Project is excited to announce the release of the officially licensed 'The Lord of the Rings' Playing Cards. Licensed through Middle-earth Enterprises, we will be producing a series of beautifully illustrated playing card decks for each of the three masterpieces. "The Fellowship Of The Ring" ™ standard edition Features: SPADES Jack Of Spades - Frodo Baggins Queen Of Spades - Galadriel King Of Spades - Gandalf The Grey HEARTS Jack Of Hearts - Samwise Gamgee Queen Of Hearts - Arwen Úndómiel King Of Hearts - Strider CLUBS Jack Of Clubs - Legolas Queen Of Clubs - Goldberry King Of Clubs - Tom Bombadil DIAMONDS Jack Of Diamonds - Glorfindel King Of Diamonds - Boromir JOKERS:

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