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Naughty Dog Playing Cards by 808 Magic and Bacon Playing Card

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High quality plastic playing cards produced by 808 Magic Card Company Ideal for cardistry and smooth card trick handling. More durable and weighty than paper cards. Fully customized face. 3D craftsmanship card box. The Chinese translation of the text on the side of the card box is: "Love me, don't abandon me" and "Adopt, don't shop." The 'dog deck' features the Siberian Husky, a classic northern breed known for its high energy, intelligence, and independent thinking. These dogs have an innate love for running and are celebrated for their strength, speed, stamina, and, most importantly, their benevolent nature and friendliness towards people. Huskies thrive on human companionship, particularly with individuals leading active lifestyles. Explore these websites to discover everything about them, from their distinctive wolf-like appearance to their loyal, playful temperament and fascinating history!

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