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MSPRNT 00 - "FLWR" Playing Cards

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The deck design was born from a photo that I took while I was visiting "el Molino de las Flores" in Mexico. I loved the colors of the flower itself, and how it made a beautiful contrast with the sky, but I wanted to make something truly unique with it. I started experimenting with the photo until it felt like I had found the perfection in the imperfection of playing cards. I wanted to represent how you could fix something that is so destroyed and imperfect and make it full and perfect.

Many things inspired me to design the artwork for this deck, from nature and playing cards, to industrial machinery and artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Willem de Kooning, and Marcel Duchamp.

I wanted to make something that would embrace imperfection, and enhance the connection and display of playing cards. This is done through the imperfection of the cards itself, which creates a continuous illusion between the cards.

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