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Medieval Castle Playing Cards by MPC

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Our castle playing cards, created by MPC (MakePlayingCards), aims to illustrate castle life during the medieval times. The Jack of Clubs card shows a typical soldier protecting the castle. He is fully armed, mounted on a horse with body armor to protect him during battle. The Queen of Diamonds card shows a typical day in the castle where subjects come to pledge fealty and allegiance to their Lord who is dressed in flamboyant attire. Jack of Diamonds shows a Lord with his huge stash of gold and coins which are usually stored in a tightly secured space within the castle. The King of Spades shows a King, armed with an axe, thinking of his next move in a game of chess. Kings use the chess game to sharpen their war strategy skills in the medieval era. Castles are usually surrounded by a large expanse of land that serves the Royals for leisure hunting. An example is the Jack of Spades with the image of a man carrying his 'game' which he killed with his bow and arrow. During wartime, the castle is a fortress and usually the target of the opposition. There is a belief that once the castle falls, the city falls. The King of Spades card shows an army general plotting how to invade the castle up ahead with the belief that if the castle falls, the city falls. Other images on the playing cards also give you an idea of what castle life feels like. The Joker cards show illustrations from both before and after battle.

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