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Marbles II Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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They move at 100mph... When held perfectly still. A few years ago we held a deck design tournament and after 3 punishing rounds, the people's champ was Marbles. A trippy, colorful deck that dominated the competition. But what most people didn't know, was that Marbles had a trippier, more bizarre brother. Marbles II. At the time, people just weren't ready to see them. Featuring a wild optical illusion on the back of the cards, Marbles II is a deck that doesn't ask for attention... It just takes it. The cards aren't really moving, but your eyes will tell you a different story. This makes Marbles II one of the most fun decks you're ever likely to play with - but don't just take our word for it. Marbles II is the best-selling mystery feck of all time... "How? It's brand new, isn't it?" True, but before we reveal brand new decks, we secretly give them to mystery deck buyers first. Without a doubt, this is the most highly-reviewed, most purchased mystery deck in history. "Everything we see is perspective - not truth." There's a huge crossover between magic and optical illusions. A lot of people think magic is just that - a trick of the eye or mind. That's what drew us to creating this deck. The deck is printed here in the United States, on USPCC crushed stock. It's a thinner, durable stock that takes a hammering and just smiles right back at you. From the tucks to the Aces and everything in between, Marbles II is tailor-made. There are no copy/paste features or untouched faces. This is custom, through and through. Get your Marbles II decks today, while stocks last.

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