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Lithography Playing Cards by TCC Fashion

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From the invention of the steam engine in the 18th century to the rapid development of electronic information technology today, each industrial revolution has brought about revolutionary changes in people's lives. Nowadays, our lives are inseparable from microchips, and this deck of cards draws its inspiration from them. UV color-changing ink is applied to every detail of this deck. As light shines upon them, hidden circuits start to reveal themselves. With this, we aim to simulate the process of information transmission and processing, and we named it after the production equipment that empowers chips with endless possibilities-the photolithography machine. To achieve this, we went through numerous trials and ultimately selected a highly sensitive professional UV color-changing ink. This allows the cards to display the best effects even under the sunlight outdoors, without the need for additional UV lights. Holding them feels like holding a chip covered in electronic components, exuding a strong sense of technology. These "electronic components" are crafted with silver foil, presenting a realistic metallic luster.

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