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Keep Smiling: Yield Playing Cards

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Features: Card boxes are made from premium paper. The premium card box features silver foil stamping. BPCC's smooth printing tech. Keep Smiling is one of the most popular cardistry brands in China, known for their highly creative and visually appealing deck designs, which are widely beloved by cardistry enthusiasts. The inspiration for the Yield deck of cards came while reading "The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection." The deck combines elements of flowers and music, both of which are indispensable and beloved aspects of my life. "Surrender" may seem weak and negative at face value, but it's actually a very powerful word. Surrender doesn't mean doing nothing. Instead, it requires us to overcome inner fears and negativity, earnestly completing every mission and challenge that fate presents to us. This is the wisdom of going with the flow.

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