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Geographical Hodges Playing Cards

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It is uncertain if time travel is physically possible, nevertheless, we welcome you to pre-Victorian, early 19th century, and the precisely restored deck of "HODGES" Geographical NEW ROYAL PLAYING CARDS. Originally published by mysterious bookseller and stationer Charles Hodges of Portman Square, London in the year 1828, they reflect the times, His Majesty King George IV is depicted as the King of Hearts alongside the first American president George Washington as the King of Spades. In collaboration with the producer Will Roya at PCD, these decks were painstakingly digitally hand-restored by AZURED OX. Great care was taken with regard to each detail, breathing fresh new life into this historical deck. Together we strive to recreate beautiful but yet forgotten pieces of playing cards from the past and bring them back to life. Printed by United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) Poker-size professional classic stock + embossed (linen) finish Premium gold metallic ink on tuck boxes & card backs 52 unique cards + 2 Globe Jokers + 1 duty "One Shilling" (Old Frizzle) Ace of Spades + 1 opposite double backer extra "Gaff" card Custom "Great" tuck seal (MMXXII) Animated card backs when riffled Limited print run of 2,500 Revived, digitally hand-restored, and designed by AZURED OX Produced by Will Roya 2022 release

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