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Eneida: Passion (Purple) Playing Cards

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"Aeneid" is an epic poem that is both burlesque and travesty, based on the ancient plot of Virgil, but with entirely Ukrainian features. The Trojans are depicted dressed as Cossacks, while the gods of Olympus are portrayed as bribe-takers, with harps and hummingbirds, indifferent to the affairs of mortals. They are seen walking, feasting, and entertaining each other. These decks of cards are not just an ordinary decks, but rather an encrypted message. The illustrations depict gods, Cossacks, life, conditions, costumes, food, and much more, all encrypted with hidden meanings. The original poem raises many questions, and the illustrations in this deck provide the answers to most of them. Every card in deck feature highly detailed custom image, even numbered cards. PASSION EDITION Passion edition deck is dedicated to Didona. Special shade of gold foil "Yellow Gold" is utilized here to enrich tender purple pearlescent tuck box. Back of cards is colored in purple color to match the box color.

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