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David Playing Cards by TCC Fashion

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When it comes to sculpture, pure white marble is often the first thing that comes to mind. Inspired by the art of sculpture, this deck showcases clean and exquisite lines, as well as the interplay of light and shadow. Paying homage to iconic sculptures, including Michelangelo's renowned David, it represents one of the most celebrated masterpieces in Western art history. To create this tuck case, intricate and elegant embossing techniques were employed. Both thematically and visually, it instantly evokes the world of sculpture. European-style vines and textures adorn the entire composition, culminating in the centerpiece of the tuck case, the statue itself. In order to achieve a visually striking embossed effect, special embossing plates with a height 2mm higher than conventional ones were used. This results in a pronounced and distinctive embossed effect on the finished product. The choice of cotton-based paper provides the tuck case with a tactile roughness reminiscent of marble.

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