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Virtuoso spring summer 2016 playing cards deck

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Composed of an elegant array of geometric shapes derived from Cardistry's core movements and forms, the Virtuoso deck features an innovate they call 'Adaptive Aesthetics'. A functional back design that gives the appearance of shifting shapes, swirling lines, changing colours and connecting patterns to visually accentuate every card flourish you perform. 

With gorgeous artwork and illustrations set on the finesh casino-grade materials, and handling characteristics optimised for the demands of the world's top Cardists, the result is a deck unprecendented form and function - the only deck truly designed for the art of card flourishing. 

  • The new edge-to-edge back design not only magnifies each shape for maximum visibility; it liberates the cards to seamlessly merge with one another to establish new forms. 
  • The deeper lines further amplify every rotation, and accompanied with dashes of cadmium yellow, artfully wrap over to the faces to paint streaks of colour when spread. 
  • Complemented with an energetic colourway evoking the spirit of adventure, the ss16 Virtuoso deck marks our most explorative aesthetic experience yet. 

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