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Set of 2 Ultimate Universe Colored & Grayscale Edition Playing Cards New Decks

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You are looking to buy a Set of 2 Ultimate Universe Colored & Grayscale Edition Playing Cards. Gambler’s Warehouse is proud to present Ultimate Universe playing cards. A conceptual expansion on the four symbols of Oriental mythology, Ultimate Universe takes star-born legends to new heights. Elements of 2D pixel art infused with striking color schemes make for a visual experience that is both complex and fun. Mythology and technology coalesce beautifully in Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Universe is the work of artist Junichi Tsuneoka who has produced art for acts such as Mos Def and Mudhoney, and for the brand Nike. The card collector community is lucky to have this brilliant innovator stepping into our midst. Let’s welcome Junichi by supporting his stellar new project—Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Universe Artwork Prints will be created on quality linen stock and measure to 14"x22". You may choose any court card, Joker, Ace or card back that you would like to display. Simply mention your choice when the backer surveys are sent out after the project is successfully completed. There are two reward tiers available for pledging towards the Art Prints or you may add them on to your pledge individually using the chart below. Ultimate Universe will be printed on quality Bicycle® card stock with patented Air-Cushion™ finish, featuring original artwork across the entire deck. All courts, numbered cards, backs and tuck-boxes are completely custom designed.

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