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Scientists Educational Playing cards Green Deck

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These unique playing cards are also collectible trading cards and so allow you to indulge your passion for a particular area of history or discipline while playing either traditional or innovative new card games. Each deck has a specific theme (History of Science, Old West, among many, many others), and each card contains the picture and biographical information of a famous individual within that theme. They make history fun!

We have been using the same traditional playing cards with Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds since their invention sometime in the late Middle Ages during the 15th century. The four major economic classes of the period were the basis for the suits with Spades representing the military, Hearts the Church, Clubs agriculture, and Diamonds the merchant class.

The Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance, and playing cards are due for their own Renaissance. These unique themed cards combine the fun of the age-old recreation of card games with that of collecting cards, a relatively modern hobby. Playing a traditional card game with a VedaCard deck is possible of course, but, in the hands of imaginative players, fascinating new card games based on the particular features of a VedaCard set are possible. For instance, games involving a fifth suit are possible with VedaCard decks. As you can see, they combine education, collectability, new gaming possibilities, and fun!

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