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Red Dragon Playing Cards Deck

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The back of the cards is inspired by the symbol of the Tao representing the path, the becoming of all things, and that is realized with a movement that oscillates between two extremes: whenever one of them is reached, a force pushes in the opposite direction and so on. The two halves in which the circular symbol is divided thus represent two opposite and complementary principles at the same time: for example, feminine and masculine, cold and warm, dark and light. All this is represented in this artwork of the deck, by two opposing dragons, one red and one black. The backs have a thin edge that enhances their beauty.
The faces of the cards are standard to give the deck a great recognizability so the deck can be used not only for cardistry but also for your favorite card routines. The only exception being the aces that have been pleasantly enlarged.
The box with the stylized image of a dragon and its red and black color is very elegant and mysterious. It was deliberately decided not to apply any seal to the tuck, so as not to ruin the aesthetic perfection of the case when it was broken.
Particular mention must be made of the quality of this deck ... it is simply spectacular!
The cards, printed by the USPCC (the Factory famous for Bicycle playing cards), have undergone extra processing compared to the normal Bicycles which made them slightly thinner ("crushed stock"). When you hold the deck of 52 cards in your hand, you seem to have only 47 or 48! The cards flow well and the magicians will be happy to be able to make really invisible double lifts, like never before. The manipulation of this deck is simply fantastic, and it will be a pleasure to use them for cardistry or magic.
An must have deck for your performances, or for your collection of decks!
- Poker size.
- Printed by USPC on crushed paper stock (slightly thinner than standard paper).
- Thin edges.
- Enlarged aces.
- Two special cards included.
- Tuck case with no seal.

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