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Plexus Playing Cards Deck

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Finally, this original new deck is available on the world market!
The deck is designed by Antony Carvelli. Antony was inspired by an After Effects plugin (Adobe program for video editing and special effects creation) that is called Plexus. This program has always been one of his favorites. At the base of this plugin there are triangles that, connected to each other, can create various forms and very particular effects. He wanted to reproduce the same kind of effects in the design of his deck.
After more than a year of hard work, and continuous refinements, Antony chose the USPC (the Bicycle Factory to be understood) to secure the very best quality that his deck deserved.
"A modern and minimalist design"
Design is a key component of this deck of cards. The cards have been customized with a modern and minimalist design. The court cards are similar to standard ones to make them immediately recognizable, but at the same time they have been finely customized to be one with the style that characterizes the entire deck.
"Ideal for cardiology? Absolutely yes! "
The decks is full of eye-catching colors, and looks great for cardistry thanks to the thin edges and the fantastic back of the cards. Flourishes will be look unique and spectacular.
"And for the magicians nothing? Do he even thought of them "
The deck is designed to be used by everyone, by cardists, and of course by magicians. Because of their high quality, these cards are perfect for any kind of performance. For magicians there are also two extra cards, one double back, and another with the white face.
A truly unique deck!
- Personalized tuck case
- Air Cushion finish
- Custom court cards
- A double back card
- A card with the white face
- Personalized pips
- Fantastic design

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