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Pack of Dogs Playing Cards Deck New By John Littleboy's

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  • Everyone knows dogs love to play poker. Now, they have their own deck of cards.

The playful designs tell a story with every card. Pack of Dogs Playing Cards feature a multi-breed cast of canine characters depicted as kings, queens, jacks and jokers all drawn with great wit and good humor.

Meanwhile, the numbered cards tell a different story all together, conceived with exquisite visual invention. Every suit sequence tells a story in pictures.

  • Each face card depicts a stand-alone scene from a dog's lifeā€”from a Heroic Admiral to a Valiant Knight. All of these will be in this latest edition of the deck.

In this pair, one King is the picture of supreme vigilance. Likely the bite is worse than the bark. Dog Marley, a peaceful warrior laying down a nice, easy groove.

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