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Madison Dealers Black Limited Edition Playing Cards New Deck

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The Black Dealers were a limited run created as my own private reserve, to be personally shared with my friends and used as my regular performing deck. They were produced not to be offered for sale - with the few that I left in the Ellusionist warehouse to be given away in Special Promotions and here in the Rewards Store. 

When initially designing the Madison Dealers, the borderless design was an imperative element for me, not for the single advantage it lends to certain gambling sleights, but also because of how beautiful the deck looks when the design bleeds the side of the entire deck.

When creating a new edition of the Dealers, I didn’t just want to offer a new color, I wanted to do something different. I was very intrigued to see how the Dealers would look with a nice thin border, and when the test deck was printed, I simply had to get these out there. 

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