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Karma Tarot Deck

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Karma Tarot has been in print for more than 30 years.
The over-sized cards of Karma Tarot present a stimulating blend of color, motion, and phantasmagoric artwork. The vibrant images are based upon life at Christiana, a community of artists and musicians in Copenhagen. The scenes and figures of the deck reflect people and events that deeply affected the artist, Birgit Boline Erfurt, during her two-year stay at the Danish youth community from 1976 to 1978. The 45-page booklet describes the personal inspirations behind each of the 78 cards of Karma Tarot, as well as their astrological significance and suggested interpretations. 
The card back design of the Karma Tarot depicts the symbol of the Karma Music Studio. In addition to creating visual art, Birgit Boline Erfurt was also deeply involved with music, both a musician and a producer.

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