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Joe Porper Card Clip - Arcane (Gunmetal grey) New Ellusionist

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You are looking to buy one Joe Porper Card Clip - Arcane (Gunmetal grey) New Ellusionist. The Porper Clip is considered one of the best card clips out there. Magicians across the world swear by them, including the guys who live in more humid places. The Arcane Porper Clip will keep your cards flat, crisp and free from warping, yet let you show off that killer deck inside. And card artists and manipulators: We can't wait to see the creative ways you manipulate one of these clips. *Clip by Porper. The name alone puts it on the table. *Unique cutout in metal lets the artwork bleed through. *Protects and staightens cards, extends life and durability. *Nothing worse than attempting a double lift with bent cards. Keep 'em straight! *Joe Porper Inscribed Signature to prove you're on Joe's team.

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