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Fujin Playing Cards Deck

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UK illustrator, Fionn Jordan, to re-created Japanese classic Fujin & Raijin with 21st century looks.
Fionn Jordan is an ArtTraveller who lives in both Japan and Taiwan for several years, so he is already deep into East Asian culture. Fionn is good at creating the style of comic that is the reasons so he's perfect for this project. It is hard to imagine this kind of eastern style is created by a westerner.
The blue is Fujin and red one is Raijin. There are all different with the card backs, ghost cards and boxes between these two styles. But, we designed 12 court cards with blue spade and club means Fujin, and red heart and diamond means Raijin. Showing and matching each other like brothers. For numbers, they have been customized by watercolor strokes from Fionn Jordan.
Printed by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Company).

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