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Dominion Specials Playing Cards New Deck

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You are looking to buy 1 new deck of Dominion Specials Playing Cards New Deck. The PRO XCM Dominion Deck has had several variations, with each one selling out with amazing speed! The Dominion V2s sold out thousands of decks just 6 hours after release! After market Dominion prices have skyrocketed! The Dominion Specials deck is our very last Dominion deck and we went all out in the production of this masterpiece! The box is our very first box printed on special black paper, and has both red and black foil. This stunning box has to be seen in person! It's simply magnificent! The deck itself has De'vo's signature twin tip mirror back design on both backs and faces meaning that you get different fans when fanned in differentdirections. This deck makes a total of 4 different fanning patterns with normal fans, 2 on the backs forward and reverse, and 2 on the faces, forward and reverse, and even more when done in Giant and other fans. The design itself is a reverse of the original Dominion backs, with black in the priority corners and red in the secondary. This deck is one of the only decks in the world that can look like it has 2 different backs, by using the supplied cover cards, yet can still be used as normal playing cards.

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