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Chameleons Metallic Blue Playing Cards New Deck

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You are looking to purchase 1 new deck of Chameleons Blue Playing Cards. Features Include: Expert’s Classic stock ensures that these decks won’t vary from deck to deck. The cut is always perfect for faro shuffles (bottom up and tabled). The registration is perfect, so they are beautiful and the borders don’t flutter when riffled. The deck comes in Mnemonica order cut to the Ace of spades (on the bottom). Any Mnemonica user is ready to do miracles just by opening a brand new deck in front of a spectator, removing the jokers, and cutting once. And the most exciting thing is that these decks all come in tuck cases made of Expert’s new exclusive synthetic paper. These amazing tucks are waterproof and will last and last. The worn out tuck box problem plaguing working magicians is now a thing of the past.

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