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Black Ink Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck By Jody Eklund

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You are looking to buy 1 Black Ink Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck By Jody Eklund Seal Number could be different from pic The idea for this deck started with my kids and their love of trains, joined with my wife's ability to recall random history lessons from school and a theme began to emerge. As I thought about the strong images that came to mind when you think about the big steam engines, I knew I needed to find a topic to carry the theme that was just as big! Golden Spike Playing Cards are inspired by the completion of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad On May 10th, 1869. It was the first rail line that connected the east to the west and revolutionized transportation and commerce in a post Civil War United States. A Golden Spike was created as a commemorative piece to celebrate the completion of the 1st transcontinental railroad and was driven into the ground where the Union Pacific met the Central Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah. When the hammer rang out and the golden spike was driven into the ground, a new era of industry and expansion rang out across the United States.

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