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Bicycle Apocalyptica Chromatic Playing Cards

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The chromatic deck design was created by renowned artist Diego Candia specifically for this deck. An artistic mixture of arcane mysteries and scientific technology the deck is styled in a way to please any kind of playing card fan. With a thin but printable border, and overlain images on the backs the Apocalyptica cards are beautiful for any kind of cardistry. Unique Deck Features: Each suite in this deck is crafted with secrets on their faces and connections to other cards in the deck via artistic expression blank space and overall pattern design. Aces are tri-colored with the pip artwork front and center. Court cards are unique and reflect a fantasy and post-apocalyptic world where science meets magic. Card backs have hidden images. Numbered cards are faced with a light silver underlay from the back's design. Our suits are unique in design and layout with custom pips. Mushroom clouds and gears for Clubs, special cut gems for Diamonds, a razer sharp weapon for the Spades, and an ancient sacrificial heart from the Mayans for the Hearts. *All black courts will have blue shading while all red courts will have red shading or hidden cards on their images.

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