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Bicycle American Frontier Predator Edition Red Deck Playing Cards

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You are looking to buy 1 Brand New deck of Bicycle American Frontier Predator Edition Red Deck Playing Cards. inspired by wildlife illustrations of the late 19th century! Growing up, we spent a lot of time in the outdoors. We enjoyed camping, hunting, fishing, digging holes and just romping around. So when someone suggested we make an outdoor-themed deck of cards, we just couldn't resist.When we think of the American frontier, we envision the illustrations that accompanied the tales of heroes in the old west. Because camera exposures of the time were still very slow, hand-drawn illustrations were really the only way to capture the true vitality of the wild. The Predator Edition. We decided one set of animals would not do justice to the beauty and diversity of the American wild. While the original deck features woodland creatures and big game, the Predator Edition will highlight nature's hunters, capturing their majestic and hazardous aura.

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