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Aurum by Encarded Playing Cards

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Aurum is designed to be intricate, elegant and fit for the Venetian royalty that inspired it. Every card is intricately designed and features multiple metallic inks and was also carefully crafted to be "purposefully imperfect." The court figures are all based on the familiar Bicycle court but were painstakingly redrawn to have many subtle imperfections and asymmettric features. 4,500 of the decks will come in a sumptuous royal purple tuck box featuring incredibly intricate gold foiling, metallic inks and embossing. Those luxury features weren't enough, as it also has a never-before-seen design feature: a custom diecut that allows you a glimpse inside to the special gold ad card within. Not just a simple box, the diecut is made to mirror the overall theme of the deck, with its arabesque motifs.

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