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Animagique Black Playing Cards Deck by NoirArts

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"Animagique" ("animal" - an animal, "magique" - a magical) Decks - are fine example of modern digital painting in the style of animal-fantasy. Suits presents "races" of animals: cats, rhinos, elephants and primates; characters are anthropomorphic, and at the same time are endowed with features, not peculiar to the species in the reality.

Besides high artistic performance among the advantages of the deck should also be noted polystylism of the images - traditional "French" suits in the corners of all the cards, "Swiss" (roses, bells, acorns, shields) - the main field of numerical cards, "Italian-Spanish" (Cup coins, mace, sword) - on kings. Backside is decorated with elegant, and at the same time rhythmic Celtic ornament. All artwork created by Denis Sirotinin.

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